Current Weather (last update: 4:00 / 6. October)
broken clouds, with a cloud coverage of 76% and visibility of 10km. Current temperature is 13.8°C (feels like 13.53°C). Wind speed is 11.08m/s, with gusts of 15.92m/s. Current sea temperature is 14.7°C.

Thursday 6 October Sunrise: 7:45am Sunset: 7:03pm
7:00 light rain 13.8°C 0.4mm 9.0m/s 5BftW/SW
10:00 light rain 13.7°C 0.7mm 8.5m/s 5BftW/SW
13:00 light rain 14.4°C 1.0mm 10.1m/s 5BftSW
16:00 light rain 14.9°C 0.7mm 11.1m/s 6BftSW
19:00 light rain 14.0°C 0.2mm 11.4m/s 6BftW/SW
22:00 light rain 14.4°C 1.0mm 12.7m/s 6BftSW
High tide @ 3:13/4.27m; low: 9:16/1.74m; high: 15:28/4.53m; low: 21:46/1.17m;
Friday 7 October Sunrise: 7:46am Sunset: 7:01pm
1:00 light rain 14.1°C 1.7mm 12.1m/s 6BftW/SW
4:00 light rain 13.6°C 1.7mm 10.6m/s 5BftW/SW
7:00 light rain 12.2°C 1.7mm 9.5m/s 5BftW
10:00 light rain 12.0°C 0.5mm 8.9m/s 5BftW
13:00 light rain 12.8°C 0.7mm 9.7m/s 5BftW
16:00 light rain 12.9°C 0.8mm 9.9m/s 5BftW
19:00 clear sky 11.9°C 0.0mm 7.9m/s 4BftW/NW
22:00 clear sky 10.7°C 0.0mm 5.5m/s 3BftW
High tide @ 4:09/4.63m; low: 10:07/1.38m; high: 16:21/4.89m; low: 22:32/0.85m;
Saturday 8 October Sunrise: 7:48am Sunset: 6:58pm
1:00 clear sky 10.5°C 0.0mm 4.8m/s 3BftW
4:00 scattered clouds 10.4°C 0.0mm 4.5m/s 3BftW
7:00 light rain 10.7°C 0.1mm 4.2m/s 3BftW
10:00 broken clouds 13.1°C 0.0mm 3.7m/s 3BftW/SW
13:00 light rain 13.2°C 0.2mm 6.5m/s 4BftS/SW
16:00 light rain 14.2°C 0.3mm 6.0m/s 4BftSW
19:00 broken clouds 12.8°C 0.0mm 3.8m/s 3BftS/SW
22:00 overcast clouds 11.3°C 0.0mm 5.6m/s 4BftS/SE
High tide @ 4:55/4.93m; low: 10:49/1.07m; high: 17:06/5.17m; low: 23:12/0.63m;
Sunday 9 October Sunrise: 7:50am Sunset: 6:56pm
1:00 overcast clouds 11.7°C 0.0mm 7.8m/s 4BftS/SE
4:00 light rain 12.7°C 0.2mm 9.4m/s 5BftS/SE
7:00 moderate rain 13.5°C 7.8mm 10.3m/s 5BftS
10:00 light rain 13.4°C 2.7mm 10.8m/s 5BftS
13:00 moderate rain 15.1°C 3.4mm 6.5m/s 4BftW
16:00 broken clouds 12.1°C 0.0mm 9.6m/s 5BftN/NW
19:00 scattered clouds 10.6°C 0.0mm 6.1m/s 4BftNW
22:00 clear sky 9.7°C 0.0mm 4.6m/s 3BftW/NW
High tide @ 5:35/5.15m; low: 11:28/0.84m; high: 17:47/5.33m; low: 23:49/0.54m;
Monday 10 October Sunrise: 7:52am Sunset: 6:54pm
1:00 few clouds 10.4°C 0.0mm 5.2m/s 3BftW/NW
4:00 overcast clouds 11.6°C 0.0mm 4.4m/s 3BftW
7:00 overcast clouds 11.3°C 0.0mm 3.9m/s 3BftW/NW
10:00 overcast clouds 12.2°C 0.0mm 2.7m/s 2BftW
13:00 overcast clouds 13.9°C 0.0mm 4.8m/s 3BftW/SW
16:00 overcast clouds 13.8°C 0.0mm 5.4m/s 3BftW/SW
19:00 overcast clouds 11.9°C 0.0mm 4.6m/s 3BftSW
22:00 broken clouds 11.1°C 0.0mm 5.3m/s 3BftS/SW
High tide @ 6:12/5.25m; low: 12:04/0.73m; high: 18:25/5.36m;
Tuesday 11 October Sunrise: 7:54am Sunset: 6:51pm
1:00 broken clouds 10.7°C 0.0mm 5.9m/s 4BftS
4:00 overcast clouds 10.6°C 0.0mm 6.2m/s 4BftS
Low tide @ 0:24/0.57m; high tide @ 6:47/5.24m; low: 12:39/0.72m; high: 19:02/5.25m;